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Raks By The Sea 2018. Dance and Rejuvenation

Hi All!


Today I am happy to share with you my recent dance experience at Raks By The Sea Festival which took place in Bali, Indonesia, 27-29 April 2018. The event was organised by the beautiful dancers Christine Yaven (Indonesia), Darren Ho (Singapore), Brancy Teo and Sherlyn Koh-Shum (Malaysia). The invited international guest teacher was Yasmina Of Cairo, the dancer with over 25 years experience in teaching and performing belly dance in Egypt and abroad.


The three-day festival had a regular structure: dance workshops by regional and international teachers, bazaar, competition and  gala show. However the vibe of the event was special! Everyone was friendly, easy-going and relaxed, and there was no tension between participants whatsoever!


Yasmina’s workshops and performance were the highlight of the festival. I have learned a lot, but probably not in terms of technique and choreography. She’s got that perfect balance of being grounded and light at the same time along with very powerful feminine energy. Yasmina generously shared her signature combinations, breaking down the moves till everyone got it right. Her presence and connection to the audience is very strong and nourishing. Her inner stillness and calmness were mesmerising. I couldn’t take my eyes of her during her 2 sets at the gala show, and they were around 15 min each!


                                                                                       20180505 154745


I have participated and won in the solo professional category of the competition. I normally don’t like the idea of comparing myself to other dancers, as I feel it limits my self-expression. Our personalities and bodies are different as well as our vision of the dance. We are all unique and come in one sample therefore can’t possibly be compared. Yet, competition is a great motivation to pull your energy together and practice to feel comfortable on the stage in front of the dance community. Another important bonus is you get to ask the judges feedback about your performance, how you can improve as a dancer whether there were any mistakes in terms of cultural presentation and so on. Nowadays, competition industry is huge all over the world and there is tremendous amount of pressure on dancers to be better than others. Sometimes in order to stand out dancers really push boundaries and there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation in the Middle Eastern dance, especially when it comes to folklore. Having your own style is important, however it’s essential to have respect to the culture you represent when you perform belly dance.


                                                                                           20180505 152105

Anyway, this trip was very special to me due to I got to share the stage with my mother!  She has been dancing for over 45 years, yet, was performing at a belly dance competition for the very first time in her life! We have composed a duo choreography and it was incredible experience for both of us! Since we live on a different continents we used Skype and other technologies to rehearse our performance. We arrived to Bali 3 days in advance and spend 3 hours a day practicing. They say happiness is the journey not the destination. I agree with it 100%! We had so much fun preparing our costumes and the number that when we met everything came together harmoniously and joyfully


                                                                                31709717 10160180008160265 8217864263797047296 n 1

                                                                                     Photo Credi: Idol Hunter, Malaysia


In the end I would like to thank the organisers for putting together such a wonderful event where everyone was able to learn and perform  in a friendly environment, rejuvenate in local SPAs, soak in the beautiful Balinese Sun! Please note, Raks By The Sea 2019 is bringing in a very special guest Jillina Carlano from Bellydance Evolution ( and we can’t wait to join them!


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Belly Dance Competition - the magic kick in your dance development

Belly dance festivals & competitions nowadays is a huge industry that thrives all over the world (Especially USA, Latin America, most of European &  Asian countries and, of course, Egypt). Festivals are a great opportunity to fully plunge into belly dance education with world  renowned dance teachers. Enormous amount of workshops to choose from, spectacular gala shows, intense competitions, splendid after parties, new connections, new ideas, inspiration and knowledge are far not all the benefits you get to experience if you decide to attend a belly dance festival!

If you want to grow quickly as a dancer participating in such events could be a great investment, although is costly sometimes. The best way to go about it is to buy all-inclusive packages which allow you to attend all workshops, gala shows and include a competition participation fee in all categories. Depending on a size of a festival and a country the festival is held in the fee could be anywhere between AUD $500 to AUD $4000, obviously exclusive of accommodation, transport and meals, but it is so worth it!

For me personally takeouts of each festival I attended were incredible! It  was not about how many choreographies you learn, not about whether you win a competition, it was about making new connections, about learning from and performing in front of experienced dance professionals. The most important is to be fully present in the moment, be open and grateful for the constructive feedback you get regarding your performance. When I was at The Summer Bellydance Festival in The Netherlands I was chasing Mercedes Nieto, Esmeralda Colabone and Anusch Alawerdian to get their opinion about the areas I needed to improve in my dance. It was huge for me and I was amazed when Mercedes had given me an overview of my comp number ”Remember that part of your drum solo when you face backstage and do shimmies with “X” step, I think it would be great if you gain more control of your shimmy so you are able to change shimmy speed faster and clearer”. The judges had watched over 40 dancers performing that night and she remembered my piece in details!

Competitions are the most intense part of a festival. Especially at large festivals with over 100 participants things can get delayed. There are occasions when competitions go on till 3 am (that’s in Russia where contests are very popular due to the mentality).  If you are attending a large festival and compete you must be ready to wait, sometime for half a day till your number is called out. Normally you are allowed to see the contest, which means you need to be relaxed and confident enough to see your opponents doing their best to win. It was not easy when I had to wait for 6 hours for my entry at the World Bellydance Competition in Singapore in 2015. I watched every single performance before mine. There were mainly Chinese contestants there, who are very technical, disciplined and humble. To top that off it was my first ever belly dance competition and I performed in a pro category. I was totally terrified when it was my turn to perform, but I just surrendered to the stage, as I had done everything possible including months of practice and research. Afterwards, when Khaleed Mahmud was presenting me “The Best Choreography” award I told him it was my first competition. “Well I hope it’s not the last” he replied. I doubted that I am ever to do it again. I was wrong!

The most important, once again, is to keep your mind open, be ready to get out of your comfort zone, enjoy, celebrate and soak as much information as you can!

Here’s the list of largest upcoming BellyDance Festivals and competitions around the world

 Cairo Mirage, Moscow hosted by Katya Eshta, 12-19 March 2018

  •  NYCairo Raks, hosted by Mohamed Shahin, 19-22 April 2018

  •  Raqs Of Course, hosted by Randa Kamel and Mohamed Shahin in Egypt  25 June - 2 July 2018

  •  Ahlan Wa Salan, hosted by madam Raqia Hassan in Egypt in July 2018

 Miami Bellydance Convention, hosted by Nathalie Zarate in USA, August 2018

  •  Cairo Festival Budapest, hosted by Mercedes Nieto in Hungary, 3-6 May 2018, 

 Bellydance Weekend, hosted by Martín Salvatierra and Pablo Salvatierra in Argentina, 10-13 May 2018