Alisa is a spectacular Belly Dance artist and instructor with a solid experience performing all around the world.

She has started to dance since the age of five. Being a participant of the children's dance theater "Youth" she  took part in annual international dance festivals across Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Finland) and continued dancing through her teens. Along with her study at Perm State Univercity in 2004 she completed a Fitness certification in group classes and got completely involved in teaching dance (Belly dance, Latin)

In 2010 expanding her horizons Alisa moved to Thailand and became the artistic director of International Dance Company, where she conducted classes and performed across the country. Since then she took to teaching and performing Belly Dance. Interdance is a  regular performer at public charity events organised by "Pattaya Rotary Club", Salsa Nights at "Holiday Inn Hotel" and private functions in Bangkok.

Currently Alisa teaches belly dance classes and workshops for all levels in Melbourne. Since the beginning of 2015, she has established the dance studio "Oriental Queens Bellydance". It's students perform at major Melbourne festivals (St Kilda Music Festival, Global Village, Mind Body Spirit, Cancer City Council Victoria and more). 

Throughout 2015 Alisa was a participant of large international Belly Dance festivals and competitions in The Netherlands (finalist) and Singapore (Best Choreography Award).

In February 2016 she was featured in the world fusion dance show  "Journey Along The Silk Road", produced and directed by Kaeshi Chai, Bellyqueen (New York, USA) held Brisbane, Australia.

In  2016-2017 Alisa co-produced and co-directed the anual United We Dance showcases featirung more than 30 artists from Australia and New Zeland.

In January 2017 Oriental Queens Bellydance held a serie of shows at Acland Plaza, St Kilda as a part of Vibrant Villages program, funded by port Phillip City Council.


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