• Alisa is a vibrant Belly Dance performing artist and instructor. 

  • Originally she is from Russia but being a complete traveller Alisa is passionate about sharing her professional  experience with people from other countries, thus she has formed own stunning feminine dance style. 

  • She has started to dance since the age of five. Being a participant of the children's dance theater "Youth" she  took part in annual international dance festivals across Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Finland). In a high school Alisa joined the youth dance project "DRIVE", which performed both in Russia and abroad (UK, Macedonia).

  • Along with her study in a university Alisa completed a  fitness instructor training in 2004. Becoming a fitness instructor of group and individual exercises she got completely involved in teaching dance. Alisa is passionate about various dance styles such as Belly dance, Latin dance, Jazz, therefore teaching in Russia she became a regular participant of fitness summits, conventions and dance workshops (Russia, UK, Italy).

  • Expanding her horizons Alisa moved to Thailand in 2010 and become a managing director, teacher and choreographer at the "International Dance Company", maintaining, conducting classes, the school's public relations and organising parties and performances. Since then she took to teaching and performing various styles of belly dance such as an oriental (mainly) and a gypsy style. Performing both as a part of the group and solo she easily interacts with the audience, sharing her endless energy and bringing in aesthetic pleasure. She was a regular performer on public charity events organised by "Pattaya Rotary Club", as well as at private functions and various celebrations.

  • Currently Alisa teaches bellydance classes and gives workshops as well as performs at various private functions, festivals ans major bellydance events around Victoria. Along with that she performed for charity fundraising event organised by "Cancer City Council Victoria","Burke & Beyond" "Wesley Mission Victoria", Melbourne.

  • In May 2015 she attended "World Belly Dance Festival" in Singapore where she was granted "Best Choreography Award".

  • Alisa has her own dance philosophy and threats dancing as the best way to express internal feelings and emotions as well as to stay fit, flexible, feminine and preserve youth.

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