Health benefits of Bellydance

 Benefits for your body:

- A great work out for all major muscle groups
- Helps to train specific parts of the body (upper arms, cucullaris, abdominals, buttocks) without training with weights
- Develops general flexibility and plasticity and helps to get better body confidence
- Certain belly moves allow to optimize digestion and functioning of intestine which helps to remove toxins from the body faster
- Helps to gain graceful posture and release tension in back muscles (including cervical spine)
- Raises metabolism and lymphatic system flows which leads to the boost of immunity
- Improves blood circulation (including pelvic,which helps to reduce discomfort during PMS)
- Trains internal muscles of pelvic which helps to prepare the body to childbirth
- Improves the sence of rhythm

Benefits for your soul:

- Through the belly dance movements that have feminine and sensual nature a dancer gets into intimate relations with her body and discovers it's hidden abilities! It might be very exciting to see unexpected things your body is capable of!
-Focusing on learning new movements and keeping up with proper dance technique make belly dance one of the ways of meditation, it can help to free the mind from day to day problems and get relaxed.
- Finding yourself doing something beneficial both physically and psychologically  gives better image of yourself and boosts self esteem
- Helps dancer to reveal creative herself, to express internal feelings artistically
- Transforming negative experiences and distress into dance helps to overcome emotional problems and blockages




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Last edited: 14/11/2015