Hire a belly dancer

Looking for the perfect entertainment? Hire a belly dancer!


Entertainment for all occasions
Bellydance is one of the most demanded form of entertainment for all occasions. Middle Eastern spectacular shows light up any celebration whether it's a home birthday party or a corporate high profile event. Bellydance is a very engaging dance where audience is often involved. It's hard to remain seated when lively rhythms are calling you to get up and simply enjoy dancing. All our shows are choreographed in advance and presented in an elegant and professional manner.


Kids love belly dancing!
Great Birthday Surprise for your loved ones!
Belly dance show is a perfect birthday surprise for all ages, whether it's a sweet 16th or 60th anniversary. It could be a small home party or a huge celebration. Belly dancer is there to create a festive athmosphere! Loads of fun is guaranteed!

Fun Hen's Night.
A vibrant and captivating bellydance performance will make your hen’s party ‘a night to never forget!’ Get the bellydancing belts on, enjoy the show and shimmy together with an exotic dancer!
Workshops for all occasions and dance levels.
Bellydance is a great and fun exercise for people of all age groups, dance levels and shapes. It has been proved by scientists that Bellydance moves make people feel happier along with making them healthier!  Suitable for girls’ day out, wide range of corporate events and professional dancers interested in learning new techniques and extending their Bellydance vocabulary.

Group shows with live music.
Drum solo is a huge part of a Bellydance culture. Drummers and other musicians often accompany Bellydancers which makes an absolutely mesmerising show. It's a great experience to watch a dancer improvise to rhythm of a live drum, but even more exciting when you get to do it yourself!
Live drums are often used at workshops to create an authentic atmosphere of Middle East and to help dancers discover their hidden abilities.


Costumes and Props.

The outfits are chosen by performers thoroughly in accordance to the theme of the event. Two piece costumes are worn as well as solid covered dresses.
Props such as colourful silk fan veils and veils are often used for a spectacular show, if space of the venue allows.


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